Grown Up Fairy Tales: Shaken Not Stirred

By The Bard's Town Theatre (other events)

7 Dates Through Apr 08, 2018

Grown Up Fairy Tales: Shaken Not Stirred
An Original Comedy Variety Show Retelling Your Favorite Fairy Tales with a Modern Twist
Presented by "Company Outcast" at Bard Theatre

The Ensemble Cast: Darren Harbour | Casey Moulton | Nicole Greenwood | Ali Gautier | David DeSpain | Kelly McCoy | Michael Rediker | Marcy Ziegler | Mianna Smith | Lila Schaffner

Stage Managers: Jenn Starr | Rachel Allen

Director: Shauvon McGill

Written by: Shauvon McGill | Marcy Ziegler | JoAnne Sweeny

Featuring an incredibly diverse ensemble cast, the show consists of eight different pieces including improvised fairy tales, original one-act pieces from local writers, audio-visual experiences, and a musical number. We will shake up your notions about what makes a tale fairy, and it's suitable for all ages, too!

Mailing Address

1801 Bardstown Rd Louisville, KY 40205